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Uhf parking systems is a product generally used at site entrance and parking points.

Uhf parking systems aim to provide fast and safe entry and exit to sites.

With the Uhf parking systems used at the entrance of a car park, the vehicle enters and exits quickly without getting stuck in security. If a vehicle that is not a resident of that site tries to enter, the system will not recognize that vehicle and will not allow it to enter.

The Uhf parking systems is also used to prevent parking lot fights in housing estates. If the residents of the apartment have a vehicle limit, it is possible to make this limitation with the system. For example; If each flat resident is requested not to allow more than 2 vehicles into the parking lot, the system will not allow the 3rd vehicle while the 2 vehicles belonging to that flat are inside and will give a “LIMIT OVER” warning.


Uhf parking systems works on the principle that the so-called “UHF” antennas placed at the entry point read the UHF labels given to the vehicles. These antennas, which have a 30 degree signal spreading capacity and 12DBI frequency power, are connected to an UHF panel.

The UHF panel is a network-based electronic device that works with computer software. The label to be saved is first entered into the computer software, then the entered label or labels are sent to the UHF panel over the network with the software and saved.

The same process is applied to delete the label you want to delete from the uhf parking system. The label you want to delete is found in the software and the deletion process is performed by accessing the panel over the network.


The UHF antenna is an RF signal-receiver-transmitter device that broadcasts at a linear angle of 12DBI and at an angle of 30°. It is responsible for reading the labels at the angle it looks at and sending the “ID NO” of the label it reads to the UHF control panel via the communication protocol we call “wiegand” protocol.

UHF antennas can read in 2 different structures.

1st Method Continuous Reading:
The antenna reads the signals in the environment 24/7. This process continues continuously.
2nd Method Sensor Dependent Reading:
The antenna detects the vehicle applied to the ground and makes readings with the loop detector. When the vehicle lands on the loop detector, the antenna becomes active and starts reading.

hgs anteni


UHF control panel is the equipment that evaluates the information coming from the UHF antenna.
There are several different versions.
1-Standalone mini panel; This panel can be connected to a single antenna and does not have a computer connection, and card registration can be done on its own. Its advantage is that it does not need a computer. Its disadvantage is that a label that you want to delete cannot be deleted, all labels can be deleted collectively.

2-Usb uhf panel

hgs kontrol paneli


In UHF systems, it is glued to the windshield of the vehicle from inside the vehicle, at the bottom level of the rearview mirror. If it is attempted to be removed, it will tear and become dysfunctional after a few disassembly and assembly operations.

If the tag is defined in the system, the vehicle can enter and exit the parking area.

The label has 3 different models: ECO, PLUS and PRO. The difference between the models is the detection power.

hgs etiketi


Vehicle Detection Sensor “LOOP DETECTOR”

It is known as the vehicle detection sensor or metal mass detector. When it comes onto the vehicle, it detects the metal parts of the vehicle and triggers it.

If the antenna is requested not to be used in the exit direction of the car park gate, the vehicle detection sensor is used. At the same time, if the antenna is requested to read while the vehicle is present, the vehicle detection sensor is used in the same way.

araç alıgılama sensörü