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Parking Payment Systems

By developing new and different products and systems on license plate recognition systems, parking payment systems, personnel control and parking automation, we are able to offer the newest technology products to those who prefer us at the best prices by using the advantage of being a manufacturer, and we can develop customer-specific systems by using the advantages of being a manufacturer.

Domestic Production

We have made many innovations with our product groups, software, hardware and automations that we have developed within our own structure.


By advancing with a focus on customer satisfaction, we always accept raising the bar as the most important factor.


We are able to respond to your needs instantly with our expert technical service and data processing department.


Our company, which is a manufacturer of hardware and software for parking payment systems , offers solutions that can be customized with the innovations it has brought to the sector in terms of Ticketed Parking Systems and License Plate Recognition Systems. All the software we sell is developed, updated and fully supported by us. Our ticket machines and license plate recognition systems work fully integrated, and we also provide financial cash register support for paid parking lots.

License Plate Recognition Systems and Parking Charge System

They are the systems that we use in paid parking lots that allow us to collect fees. Since license plate recognition systems work by reading the license plate, it is the only system that can make parking fees with zero consumables (card-ticket-tag, etc.) without the need for extra equipment. As it is used in many areas, it is used as fee collection automation in paid parking lots It can be used at the entrance and exit of the vehicle by reading the license plate and calculating the time and monetary values depending on this time, and calculates the fare in various price tariffs. At the same time, they are the systems that allow the entrance and exit barriers to be opened and closed automatically. Led panel with the fare display screen, financial cash register support, bill The system can be supported with optional products such as receipt printer. The software used is completely developed by our own software engineers.

License Plate Recognition Systems for Home Entrance

It is the version used in mass housing and sites. The license plate recognition systems used in the sites control the entrance and exit doors or barriers. With the license plate recognition camera located at the indoor or outdoor parking lot entrances, the door or the arm parking barrier is automatically controlled. It is to reduce time wasting and the traffic to enter the guardhouse due to waiting. Also, the system, which has a restriction feature in not exceeding the vehicle limit per apartment in the car parks, prevents parking fights.

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Ticketed Parking Systems

It is the most frequently used automation type in the group of parking systems. With this system, which is frequently used in paid parking lots, the vehicle user gets his ticket from a machine at the entrance and enters the parking lot. When he is going to check out, he will pay the parking fee by making a central payment or paying at the exit. Cardboard ticket, electronic ticket and thermal ticket issuing versions are produced by us. The cost of consumption in the parking fee automation, which is created with the frequently used electronic ticket issuing machine, is close to the minimum. Since the electronic cards used can be used repeatedly, the additional cost is quite low compared to the systems with cardboard tickets. In large and heavily used parking lots On the other hand, cardboard ticket systems are preferred. Since the machine card capacity cannot exceed 200 in electronic ticket systems, continuous filling is required, while in cardboard ticket systems, the machine can be used with packages of 5,000.

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                                                                                                           TICKETED PARKING SYSTEMS

                                                                                                                 Electronic Card Design

The electronic cards we use in our automation group are generally used in the parking lot group, but we can design them for personnel control automation or for custom works. The electronic cards we produce are generally computer-connected products that can be controlled via a software. We design special production cards, which we call tailor-made, according to the wishes of our customers who are not in the market and reach us with special requests.