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Domestic Production Thermometer

Local Design

Our Device Case and Electronic Design Completely Belongs to Our Company.

Local Software

The software of our device was developed in Turkey and by Turkish Engineers.

Domestic Production

Suitable for Mass Production, Our Assembly Band is Made for the Fastest Product Production.

Thermal Non-Contact Measurement

Thermal Sensor

Our High Sensitivity Thermal Sensor has a 14ms Response Time.

High Sensitivity

Our product, which has a low inaccurate measurement rate, uses a European Origin Thermal Sensor.

High Speed

Measurement Starts Instantly and Completed in 1 Second.


We have Ce Certificate for the Product

We have ISO Quality Certificate

We have TSE-HYB

ThermalBOX Non-Contact Thermometer Tourniquet Integration

Non-Contact Thermometer Hardware Features

50cm Reading Distance

Measures Fever from a distance of 50cm without contact.

0.3 °C Sensitivity

Fast and Accurate Measurements with High Precision Measurement

3.2″ Touch Screen

3.2″ Touch LCD 400*240 pixel Resolution with High Sensitive Touch and High Resolution


Can Measure Degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit

7 Different Languages

Available with 7 Different Languages Selectable from the Menu

Tailor-made for you

Can be Produced with a Customized Interface with Solution Partnership

is an easy-to-install and easy-to-use domestic production device developed for non-contact temperature measurement. The device detects the person approaching from a distance of 50 cm without contact and automatically starts the temperature measurement process. In as little as 1 second, the temperature is measured and displayed on the LCD screen. The device provides measurement and status notification with 2 led lighting on the right and left of the screen. The device operates the roles as approved and high fever with 2 role outputs in the device hardware. It generates audible warnings during and after the measurement with the buzzer on the device.
There is a settings menu that can be accessed with a password from the device touch screen. High Fever Detection Degree can be entered in the settings menu. Confirmation and High Fever role and buzzer times can be entered from the menu.
It can make two different types of measurements with the centigrade and fahrenheit degree selection in the menu.
The system counts each person whose fever is measured. The person counting system adds each person whose fever is measured to the Total number of people, if the person's fever is normal, it adds to the Normal number of people, and if the person has High Fever, it adds to the Alarm number of people. This counter can be reset from the menu.
Our device has 7 different language options including TURKISH, ENGLISH, SPANISH, SPANISH, MACEDONIAN, GERMAN, RUSSIAN and AZERIC with the language option that can be changed from the settings menu.

TermalBOX can be connected to many devices with its internal role. ThermalBOX Non-Contact Fever Meter can work with Turnstile, Electric Gate, Barrier, Sliding Glass Door, Disinfectant Cabinet with a simple and practical connection.

TermalBOX works with a 12v 3A DC adapter. 12V DC adapter socket is ready in the device.

ThermalBOX can be connected to tripods and many universal mounting legs with metric 6 mounting screw connections.

1 sec.

The device completes the measurement in as little as 1 second after detecting the approaching person


Reduces the risk of contamination as it can measure from a long distance without contact.


With its small and easily portable structure, it can be transferred more conveniently and easily in cargo and other processes.

Turnstile Connection

With the TermalBOX Role, you can trigger the turnstile and make it pass.

Disinfectant Tunnel

ThermalBOX can integrate and operate with disinfectant units.

Door Opening

ThermalBOX can work fully integrated with electric doors.

ThermalBOX Non-Contact Thermometer Introduction

Fever Meter Usage Areas


Non-contact thermometers are used in hospitals for patients, relatives and staff.

Public Institutions

It is used in Governorships, Courthouses, District Governorships, Municipalities, Municipal Facilities, Military Areas, Barracks, Many State Sands. .

Universities and Schools

Non-contact thermometers are used in universities and schools.


It can be used for staff and hotel customers in all small and large hotels.


It is used at personnel and visitor entrances of factories.

Business Centers

Business Centers are used for employees and visitors.

Sports Hall

It is used in all small and large gyms.


It is used in all stores such as clothing stores, electronic stores, jewelry stores.


It can be used for temperature measurement at the entrance of the market.

Non-Contact Thermometer Documentation

Product Introduction

Non Contact Thermometer Pdf

Product Introduction

Contactless Pdf English

CE Certificate

ThermalBOX Ce Certificate

ThermalBOX Non-Contact Thermometer Pdf

ThermalBOX No-Touch Temperature Control Pdf

Non-Contact Thermometer Sales and Service


You can get an offer from our sales representative.

Fast Delivery

Products are delivered and shipped from stock.


You can get installation and assembly assistance from our Technical Support Team quickly.


Our Technical Support Team is ready to answer your every question.

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